Deploy machine learning models on AWS lambda and serverless

in the last post, we talked about how to deploy a Machine learning trained model on Kubernates. Here is another way of deploying ML models: AWS lambda + API gateway Basically, your model (mlpreg.pkl) will be stored in S3, your lambda function will download the model use it to make predictions, another call will allowContinue reading “Deploy machine learning models on AWS lambda and serverless”

Automating the training and deployment of ML models on Kubernates

With the rise of Machine Learning and models, the need for automating and streamlining model deployment become a necessity. Pushed mostly by the fact that ML models as a new way of programming, are no longer an experimental concept but rather a day to day artifacts that can also follow a release and versioning process.Continue reading “Automating the training and deployment of ML models on Kubernates”

Using AWS GuardDuty to stop compromised instances and send notifications.

GuardDuty  (announced in the 2017 edition of AWS Re:Invent) , is a managed threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorized behavior to help you protect your AWS accounts and workloads. It monitors for activity such as unusual API calls or potentially unauthorized deployments that indicate a possible account compromise. GuardDuty also detects potentiallyContinue reading “Using AWS GuardDuty to stop compromised instances and send notifications.”

Local (and S3) cloud storage server using Minio

Minio is a local cloud object storage server, it’s open source, released under Apache License V2.0, allowing developers and devops to have a local and a public cloud storage to: backup VMs backup containers store unstructured Data ( photos, files, …) store objects in AWS S3 store objects using SDKs (GO, Javascripts, Java ) toContinue reading “Local (and S3) cloud storage server using Minio”

CI and code promotion for Chef cookbooks with Jenkins – POC

  I have been browsing the internet for blogs or articles to help Chef developers have a way of promoting the code of their cookbooks, a way of vetting code, and avoiding that code goes from Operations guys straight to production. I have found a lot of theoretical articles on building a CI pipeline forContinue reading “CI and code promotion for Chef cookbooks with Jenkins – POC”

Running ContainerVMs on ESXI vmware host

  until today I knew that running containers was always dependent on the existence of a host and an OS of some kind, but I came across this project : vSphere Integrated containers, it’s a runtime environment allowing developer to run containers as VMs, instead of running containers in  VMs . there is a goodContinue reading “Running ContainerVMs on ESXI vmware host”

Riak Cluster Using Docker Compose

Riak is some hot stuff lately with the increasing need for clusterzitation in the world of NoSQL data stores . Riak is a solution to big data problem, it was based on Amazon Dynamo design, to respond to request at a very large scale, Basho introduced Riak as fault tolerant, simple, scalable, high availability friendlyContinue reading “Riak Cluster Using Docker Compose”